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<p>NetEase Games&rsquo; 1v4 asymmetrical competition mobile game Identity V is crossing over with Super Danganronpa 2, the renowned murder mystery adventure game. The crossover event brings popular characters from the latter into the former.</p><p>All-new content set to arrive includes the Prospector's S Costume - Hajime Hinata, the Mercenary's A Costume - Nagito Komaeda, the Mechanic's A Costume - Chiaki Nanami, and the Doctor's A Costume - Mikan Tsumiki, with various new items being made available such as the new Pet - Monomi and the Mechanic's Accessory - Usami's Magic Stick. If that sounds like quite a mouthful, here&rsquo;s a video better explaining the rundown of the event.</p>.

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