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<p>Lost in Harmony, the rhythm-action game from the makers of Valiant Hearts, is out now on the app store.</p><p>The game brings together rhythm with auto-run skateboarding accompanied by music from famous composers and er… Wyclef Jean? The game is on the app store for £2.99 and boasts the ability to customise your characters clothes, headphones and skateboard.</p><p>Genuinely there seems to be a lot of depth here with the ability to create and play tracks based on your own music in addition to that bundled with the game. If you've been looking for a decent musical game for your iWhatever, this could be a good fit.</p><p>As you can see from the trailer below, Lost in Harmony has captured Valiant Hearts' incredible attention to aesthetic. The game looks beautiful and the music sounds great too. A review will be coming shortly, but in the meantime why not read our very own Harry Slater's preview where he sings the game's praises, enthusing: "I leave genuinely excited about getting my hands on the finished project. "</p>.

GAME NAME Real Truck Simulator

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com.sigmateam.Real Truck

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