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Cooking Travel(APK v33.1.1)

<p>Obslashin' gets instant win points from me as you play as a feisty cat with a swordfish as a weapon.</p><p>It gets extra points for being a pretty satisfying tap-based. straight up hack 'n' slasher with a lite RPG upgrade system.</p><p>All you do is move through top-down dungeon stages killing all the enemies that appear on screen by slashing through them with your swordfish.</p><p>You just have to tap on the screen where you want the cat to dash towards, and it does the rest. As you slice through the dogs, bats, and lizards there's a satisfying slap sound with an accompanying "BIFF!", "DING!" and "SPLAT!"</p><p>You build up experience by killing enemies, which can be spent on improving your stats in defense, attack, and health.</p>.

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