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<p>Total War: Elysium is a collectable card game that's based on the popular strategy series of the same name. It will be heading for iOS, Android and PC. It's currently in closed beta testing and the developers say the game will be released when it's ready.</p><p>Total War: Elysium will see players going head-to-head with cards that include generals and soldiers from different historical periods. Though it will be a card game, developers Creative Assembly say it will rely more on strategy than luck. For instance, it will give players the option to change their deck mid-game using a feature called Daybreak. This will allow them to adjust their tactics and potentially turn the match in their favour.</p><p>As you might imagine, the different generals will each bring their own playstyle. Napoleon will have a focus on long-range tactics whilst Cao Cao will have a more methodical control-based approach. If you like to play card games aggressively then you might opt for Lagertha who also has a penchant for this tactic.</p>.

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