Understanding The Prerequisites of B1 Visa

Looking at the immigration rules of all countries across the globe , United states seems to follow the most complex one. A country which not only attracts people from business but also academicians ,students and investors and that is the reason why the immigration process was made so complex.Since immigration has lot to do with internal security so different classifications of visas being created specific to specific requirements .

B1 category is a specific type of visa category most apt for people looking to visit United states solely for the purpose of business. A person visiting under a B1 visa category is supposed to get paid for his /her trips and salary from a foreign country. Nothing can be paid in US during the period of stay in dollars from any US entity or person. Most businesses located outside US which have their sales team visiting US for meeting clients need to get B1 visa applied for their employees. In case a company which has a US presence and sending it executive level employees for for branch visits don’t fall under the B1 visa category. In fact in most case B-1 Visitor For Business Visa is issued with B2 visa being included under. B2 is meant solely for travel. People intending to visits their US relatives fall this category of visa . B1 and B2 visas are generally issued in combination because if any wants to travel to various location during his/her business visit he/she can pursue the same also.
A B1 visa is generally issued for a minimum period of 3 months and which can later issued in intervals. Citizens some certain countries have an option to select for lifetime or ten year validity of their visa and the time they plan to visit they can simply put an application stating the days or period of visits and the visa can be issued instantly .Foreign businesses who have regular flow of employees visiting US for business or related collaboration can look for long term visa validation.The right way to do it look for a help of an immigration lawyer.The immigration lawyer can facilitate the process very easily.As he /she has completely access to your requirement and knowledge of changing dynamics of US immigration law, the immigration attorney can plans things in advance so that your people can do things easily.
One thing that one need to keep in mind that while applying for B1 visa , he/she should be able to explain his/her intent of visiting to the counselor in a much detailed manner. US Immigration law has provision of applicant Visa interview. While attending all those interviews one should be clear about why he/she is visiting US because any deference from the data supplied during the process of application can lead to rejection . People generally in this case lose the chance of getting B1 visa being issued in that current year.
So if you are a regular US visitor for business requirement try to hire a New York Immigration Attorneyto handle these issues so you can do business planning easily .